Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Investment Strategies

There has been recent media coverage regarding Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Investment Strategies in the last few months. The media has been highlighting ATO issues regarding what constitutes a complying investment strategy including demonstration of trustee understanding and consideration of factors such as: diversification, liquidity of assets, the ability to pay benefits and other costs, and the members' needs and circumstances including age and age groups, if there are retirement phase interests, and individual risk tolerances.

The ATO are soon to announce their view and provide guidance for what trustees need to consider when formulating their SMSF investment strategy. Once we have reviewed the ATO's guidance, we will be in contact with you on how you as a trustee can meet any new guidelines to ensure your fund's investment strategy is complying with the ATO guidelines.

Lumiere PA
Lumiere PA 24 January 2020 BACK